Diamond Bar Historic

How We Got Here

In 2019, the City Council adopted the Diamond Bar General Plan 2040. During the process, we learned that residents felt Diamond Bar lacked a clear community focal point and wanted a vibrant, walkable downtown—similar to many of our neighbors.

The City has begun the process of planning the creation of an inviting Town Center, envisioned to feature pedestrian-only plazas and paseos lined with shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, community gathering spaces, and urban living opportunities.


In 2021, the City engaged the Urban Land Institute – Los Angeles Chapter (ULI-LA) to assemble a Technical Assistance Panel (TAP) to study the area and make recommendations for design considerations, local policy changes, and investments needed to make the Diamond Bar Town Center a reality.

Specific Plan Timeline


- Data Collection

- Community Engagement

- Market Analysis

FAll 2022

- Stakeholder Interviews

- Prepare Specific Plan 

WINTER 2022/2023

- Environmental Review

- Prepare Specific Plan

Summer 2023

- Finalize and Present to

- Adoption of Specific Plan